Please Go Through Everything Before your Session

Common Questions

1. How do you usually work with clients?

The first thing I do to help my clients is to help them identify their blind spots. Then, I take them through specialised and tailored activities which will help them improve their quality of life. I do all this through one to one coaching.

2. What can I expect from the call?

My clients will feel like they are one step closer to feeling like they’re in control of their lives.

3. Who is Mariame Cisse?

Mariame is a mother of 5 beautiful children. She was born in France, and she was taken to the Gambia at the age of 5 years to be with her family members. She was vulnerable and very attached to her mother. She met her parents for the first time since going to the Gambia when she was 11 years old. She learned a lot during her separation which helped her get deeper understanding of people’s emotions. She is a kind and caring individual who is always willing to make a great impact in the world, always looking for ways to bring awareness in people lives, especially the vulnerable in society. The reason behind her choosing this niche in coaching was because of one of her family members and a dear friend of hers, who is going through the same journey like many other mums out there. She gets to see and hear their everyday lives and the challenges they face as a special needs mums, she cannot think of anything else but to sincerely help them have more balance life. She is very driven by her dream, and for the past 18 years when she came to the United Kingdom she was looking for ways to further her learning, as her English was very limited, but she started with an ESOL Entry Level 3 Course with Ascent 21 Haggerson, Hackney in London. Two years later, she then started a 1 year Health and Social Care Level 2 Course to be able to gain knowledge and provide better services to the service users, and worked with them for 10 years and later transitioned to being a SEN Teaching Assistant just before pandemic, to assist special needs people achieve their educational goals.

While working years worth of unpredictable jobs under zero hour contracts, she has finally been able to identify the strength within herself to chase her dreams. She’s a trustworthy, reliable and hard working individual who has gone through many accreditation programs at well recognised institutions, one of them is Cambridge University where she got her coaching solid foundation from, to become the best coach she can be to help mothers with special needs children.

Some People I’ve Worked With

Dale Harwood

London, England

“I loved my sessions with Mariame as I was really able to come away from it with a clearer head and I felt less overwhelmed with the workload I had.

She was very calm throughout the sessions and really cared about helping me get the result I wanted.

I highly recommend anyone thinking of working with Mariame as she will help you progress forward and get you closer to your goals.”

Markita Lucas

Texas, US

“Mariame was very attentive and caring when it came to our session. The well-being of me and figuring out where I lack in my mindset really helped me understand where I was keeping limiting beliefs in myself, thank you again.”


London, England

“I’ve known Mariame for a very long time and she is a truly great, compassionate, gentle,loving, caring,patient and devoted person. Always looking for ways to make a difference and have a positive impact on vulnerable peoples’ lives. For more than ten years Mariame has been working with vulnerable people and children with special needs. She has a vast amount of knowledge and she is very passionate about working with them. Few years ago, she also started working with them as a SEN teaching assistant in schools to support them with their educational goals. Recently she has started to further her training to be a life coach for mothers with special needs children.”


Surrey, England

“Had the most amazing session with Mariame today! I have been really struggling with working on my goals and we really honed in on what I wanted and how I was going to achieve this. I came away from the session feeling lighter, motivated, and ready for the challenge.

Thank you Mariame, I’m now ready to grab every opportunity.”

Dr. Jude Bloomfield

London, England

“I have known Mariame Cisse since 2014 when she was my career coach for six weeks in my home following a hip replacement operation. Subsequently, we have remained good friends.
During lockdown, she independently found and has been following the life-coaching training online with steady commitment, while looking after her five children.
Previously, she worked in a voluntary capacity in schools to gain experience and then as a paid SEN teaching assistant which she enjoyed, being very patient and empathetic as I learnt when she looked after me. She also worked with disabled adults, but both activities were curtailed by COVID closures. So, Mariame went on to do a course on mental health online. It is then that she told me about the online training course in life-coaching which she had researched and found for herself and talked to me about with great enthusiasm as the right path for her.
She aims to integrate her specialist knowledge of support services, acquired from working with special needs and disabled children in her life-coaching. She is a very hands-on, supportive parent, encouraging her daughters’ education, at the same time as qualifying in her chosen field.
These qualities of practical caring, dedication and drive which she is bringing to bear on her life-coaching training, will ensure the success of her business.”

S Said

Muscat, Oman

“Mariame has been invaluable in realizing what was my biggest desire to a reality. I have wanted to leave my 9-5 job for a long time to start my own consultancy business.
She has been my cheerleader and was able to positively shift my mindset on what I thought was impossible to a possibility .
And she has an incredible ability to bring out a clarity, which is often hard to pinpoint on your own, and give meaningful direction. I strongly recommend Mariame to anyone who wants to improve on his/ her life.”