Mothers of Special Needs Children Transformation Coaching

Patience and Acknowledgement, Truly Make a Difference

Who Am I?

From 2010 to early 2016 I was at the lowest point of my life. I was working a zero hour contract job as a care assistant with elderly and vulnerable adults, and day and night I was at work whilst my three kids were at home. It was in that time period that I was constantly facing challenges and each one seemed worse than the last. I felt so alone as a single mother, ostracised by society but motivated by my beautiful children and success. 

In early 2016 was when I reached my breaking point. I knew that working forty hours a week only to come home and cook and clean was no way to live. 

So I decided to change my circumstances, it wasn’t easy and took all of my savings, but I went to the Gambia with my children, and it was there that I was finally able to live life. 

Whilst in the Gambia I was thinking of the different career paths I could join but it wasn’t until I came back to England and just before I went back to school that I realised coaching was what I wanted to do. 

By then I had already worked with special needs kids and their mothers, so I already knew how fulfilling working with them as a coach would be.


Health and social care level 2

Sen Higher level 5 advanced certificate

Cambridge university Life Coaching certificate

The coaching masters Level 4 coaching accreditation program

The coaching masters NLP master program

Certificate of special needs education and disability

Buckinghamshire new university Foundation year health and social science

About My Program


Who It Is For?

Helping mothers who have kids with special needs, who are struggling with being overwhelmed, with a lack of a support system and too much to do. This leads to isolation, a breakdown in self-care & experience burnout.

By working with Mariame they will learn goal-oriented approaches to their parenting, discover their blind spots as a parent to special needs child and create an efficient way to draw boundaries for themselves as a caretaker so that they prevent burnouts as a parent, take back their lives & create a healthy balance with their child’s needs.

Module One

Ways of Effective Communication With a Child With Special Needs


  • You would feel better knowing your child has the sufficient means to communicate with you.
  • Your child will feel happier knowing they have a way of conveying their exact emotions.
  • There would be a higher level of trust due to the bonding activities opening up a communication channel between you and your child.
  • Your child will feel more confident to speak about how they are feeling knowing you are making an effort to give them that voice.
  • You will consequently provide better care for your child as you know exactly what they need.


Helping form a deep and an intimate bond to forge a connection with your child which would greatly improve their quality of life. You will learn ways which will allow your child greater means to communicate with you and will give you the confidence in knowing that your child has the necessary tools to communicate with you.

Module Two

Reclaiming Your Social Life


  • Increases your confidence of going out with your child to take part in fun activities
  • Decrease your child’s anxiety of going out and increase their self confidence
  • Also increases your confidence in going out and developing your own social life
  • Joining clubs will mean that you will pick up a new hobby which will positively contribute to your mental health


Helping you and your child grow together by building a social life with family and friends through special needs friendly activities. You will also take part in activities on your own which build your self-confidence and improve your mental health, making you feel less alone.

Module Three

The Hospital; a Second Home


  • This significantly reduces the anxiety that comes with hospital visits.
  • This will make the new environment feel more familiar for the child, therefore making them feel less anxious. 
  • Walking around the hospital will make it feel less like a big unknown and more familiar.


Your child would feel more comfortable when staying at the hospital with familiar toys and faces which will reduce the stigma of the hospital being a scary place. Whether the hospital is a place which is familiar to you and your child or a once a month visit, this module will make the stress and anxiety which come with hospital visits a thing of the past.

Module Four

How to Prevent Burnout


This will help her feel more relaxed and less overwhelmed 

  • She can take time to herself which will greatly help her mental health.
  • Preventing burn out means that you will take better care of your child.
  • Your quality of life will improve as stress and anxiety will weigh less on your mind. 
  • Your self confidence will improve due to more focus on the mother’s physical and mental well being.


Activities to feel less stressed enabling you to take better care of your child and yourself. This can be anything as long as it’s a form of self care. Regular upkeep with it means that you are constantly improving your mental health even if it’s just once a month. It will be a day you look forward to as it would be one dedicated for yourself and your own needs, which will be met.

Module Five

Feelings and Emotions; a Meaningful Discussion


  • A diary will give them a healthy way to release their emotions.
  • You will feel like you are being listened to 
  • Confiding in your partner will also allow you to build trust in your relationship
  • Talking to someone will help you improve your mental health.


Tailored activities to help release stress weighing on your heart and mind holding you back from living life to the fullest. You will release any emotions which you are bottling up on the inside preventing you from living a stress free life whilst simultaneously building bonds between yourself and your family and mental health professionals

Module Six

An Uncertain Future, How to Avoid It


  • This will help you know that no matter what their child is safe and will be cared for.
  • This will make it easier for your child to grow their independence to be able to live as happily as possible.
  • This will also address any worries you have with your child care provider.
  • Teaching your child basic life skills (when of age) will give them more confidence in themselves


Building bridges between you, professionals and family members to help grow your child’s independence and ensure your child has a secure future. This will reduce the anxiety you feel when thinking of your child’s future, and will also allow your child to have the means to look after themselves which will in turn grow their confidence.

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